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Merchandise available at Superior Outlet and Pawn


We buy, sell and pawn firearms. Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns. We also carry several accessories.

Gold Jewelry

We have a very wide selection of men's and women's jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches all at a fraction of retail store prices. 


Silver Coins, Paper Money, US Currency, Foreign Currency and more!


Large selection of both new and used tools. All competitively priced at a fraction of the high retail cost.


Superior Outlet and Pawn Shop has many quality electronics available. We carry both DSLR cameras, and point and shoot. All of our cameras are very competitively priced. We also offer a vast selection of TV's, Home Theater Systems, DJ Equipment, Laptops Household Appliances, and much much more! 

Musical Instruments 

Superior Outlet and Pawn Shop offers a great variety of used musical instruments. We have everything from guitars to flutes to violins. Most of our musical instruments have been professionally checked to assure quality.

Games and Movies

We carry all game systems at great low prices! Games starting as low as $5! DVD's are also only $1 and Blu-Ray Movies are only $3!

Designer Glasses

We now buy, trade, and sell designer glasses!

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